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5 December 2015

B1505: FILSUFATIA – Regret MMXV (The Euphony of Regression)

Filsufatia – Regret MMXV (The Euphony of Regression)

Catalog#: B1505 | Description: The age of disdain and depression is in full force. The 2015 re-recording of the band's debut demo from the year 2006 from Malaysia's very own Atmospheric Melancholic Depressive Black Metal band, Filsufatia, has been released in its physical majesty. Featuring 8 original tracks plus bonus tracks with over 40 minutes of instrumental bliss, gloom and ethereal ecstasy as an ode to life, death and all that are in between. Limited to 40 pcs! | Released: December 5th, 2015 | Price: RM10 [postage not included]

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