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1 June 2016

B1601: PÏG-KRÜST / BAKTERIA – Alcoholic Crococrust Split

Pïg-Krüst / Bakteria – Alcoholic Crococrust Split

Catalog#: B1601 | Description: This is a meeting of two uprising Punk acts from Kuching City, Sarawak; Pïg-Krüst and Bakteria. The 2-way split CD-R comprising of 9 tracks (22 minutes) of impressive D-Beat / Crust Raw Punks; aggressive, chaotic and straight-in-your-face. Both band delivers the best definition to Punks Not Dead! Strictly limited to 40 pcs! | Released: June 1st, 2016 | Price: RM7 [postage not included]

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